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Training Workshops
Why offer training workshops to your employees?
  • Providing training to supervisors and front-line managers enables them to make informed day-to-day managerial decisions. This foundation of knowledge provides supervisors with the confidence to manage their employees more effectively. Employees are more likely to follow the directives of supervisors they know are well trained.

  • Supervisory training reduces litigation, ensuring compliance with state and federal workplace laws and regulations, and enhancing an organization’s management of risk.

  • Providing training to both managers and employees illustrates a commitment to maintaining a harmonious workplace, which benefits all parties involved.​​

Why retain Lori to train your employees?

  • Lori’s extensive experience teaching a full spectrum of student populations – including college, paralegal, graduate, law, MBA, and continuing education students – enables her to create simple, entertaining, and valuable workplace trainings that will provide an immediate value to your supervisors and employees.

  • When Lori conducts a workshop, she does not present, she trains. It is not enough to know the rules; you must also know how to apply them. The most skilled supervisors are those who know how to prevent, identify and manage employment matters.

  • Lori’s workshops contain a wealth of current and relevant information, based on her years of experience working in Human Resources and employment law. Having aggressively advocated for both employers and employees, Lori has a unique understanding of both sides of every issue.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the format and running time for each workshop?

The workshops can be customized to meet your needs but generally include a slide deck and presentation and, in many cases, participants will receive worksheets that can be used for future reference.  The running times for the offered workshops will vary, depending on the materials covered. Please refer to the course description of the individual workshop for precise details.


If the website indicates that a training workshop is coming soon, how long will it be before the workshop is available?

The development time for a workshop varies depending on a number of factors. In some cases, you may see a projected release date, but in most cases that date will not be posted until a new workshop is very close to its completion (usually only a few days in advance) because there are simply too many moving parts to make an accurate prediction.

How do you determine which training workshops will be developed?

A number of factors are used to determine which training workshops will be developed, and many are created in response to client requests.

Can I suggest that you develop a workshop on a specific topic?

Yes, absolutely. We would love to hear about any suggestions you have related to workshop topics. Click here to use the contact form.

If you have a training need that must be completed by a certain deadline, please click here to provide those details. Someone will respond to you to discuss whether those needs can be accommodated. We are committed to providing you with the tools and trainings you need to get you where you need to go when you need to go there.

Will you notify me when a new training workshop is released?

Yes, absolutely. Just contact me below and I will make sure you are notified about new trainings. 

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