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As an employment attorney, Lori has represented both employers and employees in all phases of the employment relationship, and this experience has led her to develop a balanced and pragmatic approach to the workplace. When you find yourself at the point at which you need to enlist a mediator to help you revolve a workplace dispute and get an employment relationship back on track, Lori has the experience to help you make that happen.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, helps the others craft a mutually satisfactory resolution to their dispute. Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a mediator is not a decision-maker and has no power to require either party to agree to any type of resolution. The mediator does not represent either party, nor does the mediator advocate for a position held by either party.

Mediation is much more than an exchange of proposals for resolution—rather, it is the process by which the parties try to understand their respective motivations to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. As a mediator, Lori encourages parties to rethink and re-characterize their respective positions, and realistically assess the benefits of retaining full control over the resolution of their dispute.

The result of a successful mediation is a written settlement agreement that becomes an enforceable contract. The mediation process is a cost-effective and efficient dispute resolution process that preserves, and in many cases strengthens, the relationship between the parties who are engaged in the dispute.

Completed ADR Trainings
  • Essentials of Labor Arbitration and Conflict Resolution, Employment Law Mediator Training, Employment Law Arbitrator Training, Labor and Employment Arbitration Award Writing, Ethics in ADR, Scheinman on Evidence, Special Topics in Arbitral Evidence, Advanced Issues in Arbitration, Cornell University, ILR Extension

  • Negotiating and Mediating Healthcare Disputes, American Arbitration Association

  • FINRA Basic Arbitrator Training

  • Mediate Art Training Program, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Joint Committee on Fee Disputes and Conciliation

  • Part 137 Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program

  • Small Claims Court Arbitrator Training, Civil Court of the City of New York

  • U.S. EEOC First Annual Mediation Summit, Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit

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