The Ultimate Inspiration is a Deadline

The end of an employment relationship is likely daunting and unsettling, but as I explain in The Perpetual Paycheck there is a bright side: Countless others with much less experience and lesser skills than you have been in this same position and prevailed. Currently there are four million open jobs in the United States. You only need one. The odds are certainly in your favor! Second, regardless of how dire your circumstances may be, there is a job for you. You just have to find it.

And, as the entrepreneur and founder of both Atari and the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza-Time Theaters chain Nolan Key Bushnell has said “the ultimate inspiration is a deaDeadline stampdline.” This is of particular relevance to the ending of the employment relationship. If you were looking for the motivation to move your career to the next level, now you have it. It is easy for a job search to get pushed further down on a priority list, as other matters that “cannot” wait move further up on the list. No more excuses, no more discussions about failed efforts to follow up on a particular lead or to reach out to an old colleague. You lost your job. The time is now.

And, even though you may not be looking forward to the upcoming job search, you do have something positive to look forward to: a new job with new rewards. You likely need a new job and source of income to survive, so now you have a very limited amount of time to figure it out and find your next opportunity. Finding a new job is no longer something you want to do, or daydream about doing. Instead, finding a new job is a very clear, specific and targeted goal that must be achieved.

Last week you may have been depressed about the notion that you would be in a dead-end job for another year, without any appreciation or hopes for advancement. Now you can take comfort in knowing you will no longer be stuck in this rut, and that at this time next year you will be working for a new employer, with different people, and heading in a new direction. It’s is only a matter of time before you are back on track in a job that is the right fit and that has the potential to offer you unprecedented rewards.

Best of luck with your job search, I know you can do it!


P.S. On a related note, as you search for that next job, do not overlook the availability of unemployment benefits for which you may qualify. For some useful information, you can click here to read a recent article I contributed to titled 11 Things That Affect Unemployment Eligibility.





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