Hot Summer Sale and Lazy Days are for the Beach


30420898_sAs summer winds down, you may be tempted to slow down at work. Remember lazy days are for your well-deserved beach vacation and are not for the days you are expected to be at work—this is especially true if you are supposed to be covering for your boss. And, because I know it’s a challenge to remain focused on your job, I have two things to keep you motivated.


First, I’m excited to announce a hot summer sale! For a limited time, you can purchase The Perpetual Paycheck Ebook for only $1.99! That’s more than 75% off its original price. So, if you are thinking of purchasing The Perpetual Paycheck or recommending it to others, now is the time to CLICK HERE and take advantage of the sale.

Second, to be sure you remember the importance of keeping your boss pleased with your performance, I have a joke to share.

 A boss starts his weekly staff meeting by thanking his employees for participating in the recent brainstorming exercises and providing him with constructive feedback on how to improve his management style. He particularly appreciated the suggestion of one particular employee, Ed, that suggested he lighten up and incorporate more humor into his daily interactions with the staff.

Wasting no time, the boss asks Ed to stand.

“Knock, knock, said the boss.

“Who’s there?” replies Ed.

“Not you for much longer,” says the boss.

Perhaps unfair, but true. Make no mistake about it. Your paycheck and your business card may have the company’s name on it, but you work for your boss. Your boss has the power in the relationship—and in the loyalty-free workplace, your success at your job depends on your ability to make that relationship work.

First, your boss has significant control over the terms and conditions of your current employment. He is responsible for completing your performance evaluations, which often serve as the basis for your level of compensation. Most companies will offer you a raise, provided your boss agrees that your work is satisfactory and benefits the company. Conversely, few companies will approve your raise if your boss opposes it.

Second, the more you get along with your boss, the better your chances of advancing your career. Since your boss likely assigns your day-to-day tasks, you’ll want to be sure that he has confidence in you and assigns you work of increasing complexity. That way, you will develop skills that will make you more marketable for future opportunities, which will enable you to earn enhanced levels of compensation.

Finally, for better or for worse, your reputation at work begins and ends with your boss. How he speaks about your work to others can help or hinder you as you pursue other opportunities. He also may have access to information that you may find useful, not to mention connections to people whose paths you may not otherwise cross.

As the summer comes to a close, remember to continue to mold yourself to fit the needs and expectations of your boss. If you work for a 68-year-old dinosaur that wears a suit every day and responds only to written memos, you need to dress and play the part. If you’re working for a 24-year-old who dresses in jeans and communicates via text, buy some flip-flops and limber up your thumbs. Whatever your attire, when you make your boss shine, you’ll almost immediately see rewards beyond what you ever imagined.

Now, put your electronic device away and go enjoy the end of summer! But, continue to stay motivated at work so you can also continue to enjoy the benefits of your job as you search for whatever is next.   (And, be sure to click here to purchase your discounted copy of The Perpetual Paycheck to help you with your search.)

Good luck with your search, I know you can do it!



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