“Stranger Danger” & Your Job Search

From an early age we are taught not to talk to strangers. For that reason, by the time we’re adults many of us tend to avoid engaging strangers in conversation, even for just five minutes. This mindset likely infiltrates a number of components of our daily lives. We may first reach out to a babysitter we have known for years before we try out a new babysitter, even if the prospective new hire comes highly recommended. We may drive a bit out of our way to a gift store where we know the salesperson, even if we know there is another similar store in town. The fact is, it’s human nature to gravitate to people we know and to help those who help us. This is precisely what happens in the workplace. You work alongside your colleagues eight hours a day, five days a week. Why would you want to … Continue reading

Don’t Look a Job-Lead Gift Horse in the Mouth!

As the holiday season approaches, there is a lot of talk about the etiquette of gift-giving, and any lessons learned can actually have a powerful impact on your job search. To see the relevance, first consider this story that illustrates the old adage about not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Once when I was on the way to my college dining hall, I saw a man holding a sign saying that he was homeless, had not eaten in days, and was desperate to feed his wife and two children. An hour later, as I exited the dining hall, I packed three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, three apples, and three cookies into a lunch bag and delivered them to the man. When I handed him the bag, he asked what was inside. “Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, and cookies,” I said. To my surprise, he said that … Continue reading

Hot Summer Sale and Lazy Days are for the Beach

  As summer winds down, you may be tempted to slow down at work. Remember lazy days are for your well-deserved beach vacation and are not for the days you are expected to be at work—this is especially true if you are supposed to be covering for your boss. And, because I know it’s a challenge to remain focused on your job, I have two things to keep you motivated.   First, I’m excited to announce a hot summer sale! For a limited time, you can purchase The Perpetual Paycheck Ebook for only $1.99! That’s more than 75% off its original price. So, if you are thinking of purchasing The Perpetual Paycheck or recommending it to others, now is the time to CLICK HERE and take advantage of the sale. Second, to be sure you remember the importance of keeping your boss pleased with your performance, I have a joke … Continue reading

Job Hunters: No One Cares About the Color of Your Parachute

Job Hunters: No One Cares About the Color of Your Parachute Blunt, practical advice from the author of ‘The Perpetual Paycheck’  by Richard Eisenberg, senior Web editor of the Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels of Next Avenue Attention job seekers: It’s not all about you. That’s the message in the new book by employment attorney and coach Lori B. Rassas, The Perpetual Paycheck: 5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace. Rassas maintains that job hunters too often focus on what they want and care about rather than what prospective employers need right now. I just spoke with Rassas for her advice to make yourself a stronger candidate, especially if you’re 50 or older. Highlights: Next Avenue: How would you describe today’s job market for people over 50? Rassas: It used to be that as you aged, … Continue reading

My CNBC Appearance to Discuss the Perpetual Paycheck

Thanks to CNBC for inviting me to participate in a segment to discuss unemployment and The Perpetual Paycheck.  As you will see in this clip, I reminded job seekers of the importance of making the job search about prospective employers and their needs.  Employers want the “Cinderella fit,” when hiring–so candidates should be sure that everything they say in their interviews are geared towards showing prospective employers that they have the exact skills  the employer needs: nothing more and nothing less. Here is the link to CNBC segment. (Thanks to everyone at CNBC for making me feel so at home at their studios). http://cnb.cx/1GngbiO … Continue reading