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Employment Law:
A Guide to Hiring, Managing, and Firing for Employers and Employees

This textbook, now in its third edition, presents complicated information in a user friendly and engaging tone. It is appropriate for use in an employment law or Human Resources courses at the undergraduate, paralegal, or graduate level. The book is all-encompassing, tracking the sequence of day-to-day events from job creation to recruitment, including compensation and benefits, leave entitlements, and performance management, all the way to the conclusion of the employment relationship.
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The Perpetual Paycheck:
5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace

Right now is the perfect time to be looking for a job because there are more opportunities for employees than ever before.

That may seem hard to believe… but it’s true.

Few people recognize what’s happening in today’s job market. Even fewer people have the tools they need to access those rewards. Today’s workplace is loyalty-free, but this environment can propel employees to assert their workplace independence and use this unprecedented flexibility to truly soar.

The Perpetual Paycheck: 5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace is a nuts-and-bolts guide you can use to not only survive, but thrive. Offering a contrarian approach backed up by actual current workplace experiences, author Lori Rassas provides practical, accessible job-finding secrets for those looking for a new job, those looking to solidify their current position, those looking to advance their position, and those looking to change careers or industries.

Don’t you deserve a good job with benefits that provides you with the economic security to live a full life? The answer is a resounding yes, and there has never been a better time to achieve that than now. Improved material benefits are within everyone’s reach—and by adopting the five attitudes and approaches outlined in this book, you’ll be that much closer to having them in your grasp.

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Over the Hill But Not the Cliff:
5 Strategies for Job Seekers Age 50+ to Push Past Ageism & Find a Job in the Loyalty-Free Workplace

Finding a new job is almost as challenging as the job itself. Once job seekers hit age 50 and above, that difficulty level shoots through the roof—not because of your age, however, but because of how your age is typically perceived by most hiring managers.

The good news is that overcoming this perception is no different than any other hill or obstacle you may face in your career path. All you need are the right tools that can help you to get up and over the hill, or at least around it.

Over the Hill But Not the Cliff is a straightforward and practical guide that job seekers 50+ can use to not only survive in the modern workplace, but thrive. The second book in The Perpetual Paycheck series, it reveals a host of strategies that can help you redirect the hiring manager’s focus to where it should be: on the wealth of experience and benefits that you, as an older candidate, bring to the table.

Just as a molehill is not a mountain, a hill is not a cliff. Over the Hill But Not the Cliff will help job seekers push past the ageism hill, because the only purpose it serves is to block one’s view of the unprecedented opportunities that lie ahead.
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The Perpetual Paycheck, Volume 2: 5 (More) Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace

The Perpetual Paycheck, Volume 2, represents the third book in a series that outlines the realities of today’s workplace. In this volume, readers will learn five NEW secrets that can be used to set them apart from other qualified candidates and help them navigate this challenging workplace terrain. Topics include: how to get your resume into the right hands, generate additional streams of income to bolster your primary income source, and determine when it is time to make a career move.

Even if you have a job with no plans to look for a new opportunity, or are fortunate enough to have never experienced a disruption in your income stream, to succeed in the loyalty-free workplace, you will need to be prepared. The Perpetual Paycheck, Volume 2 has the secrets you need to not only survive, but thrive.

HR Helper: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This is a 12-page guide that provides an overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the benefits it provides.

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