Newsflash to Job Seekers: Your Job Search is Not About You What is the most importance piece of advice I give to job seekers? Your job search is not about you! Many of us grew up thinking that the world would bend to our needs and desires. We were raised with the expectation that work equaled self-actualization, meaning our jobs should provide us psychological, emotional, and material satisfaction in addition to a steady paycheck. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but in today’s loyalty-free workplace there isn’t time for that. Consider this: Jared worked at the same company for twenty-four years. He’s never missed a day of work, nor has he ever reported late to his 9:00am shift. Coworkers are therefore concerned when Jared is not at his designated seat for the regularly scheduledTuesday morning 9:30 staff meeting. Six minutes after the meeting starts, Jared stumbles into the meeting room, visibly shaken. … Continue reading

Forbes Interview with Lori Rassas

Employment Advice by Lori Rassas featured an interview I gave to discuss my newest book Over the Hill But Not the Cliff: 5 Strategies for 50+ Job Seekers to Push Past Ageism & Find a Job in the Loyalty-Free Workplace! Read the interview on here: … Continue reading

Challenging Times at Work? Forget About Whether The Glass Is Half Empty Or Half Full & Focus On What You Can Do With The Water

As you navigate the modern workplace, you must always focus on your main goal: earning and growing your perpetual paycheck. This will not always be easy, since today’s work environment is objectively difficult and no one is immune from its hardships and heartaches. Every day I hear about employees facing challenging times. You may have been passed over for a promotion, or not received a job offer after a few rounds of interviews. Perhaps you were laid off through no fault of your own, were terminated for behavior you now regret, or find it challenging to regain your position after taking a leave of absence to tend to a personal matter. The good new is that regardless of your situation, more often than not, even the most difficult situations can become the launching pad for different types of successes. The business world is filled with examples of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who … Continue reading

Jumping into Your First Midcareer Job Search? Remember It’s Never Too Late To Take Your First Step

  Jumping into a job search the first time in a number of years? No need to worry: No matter what your age, or where you are in your career or job-search process, you can do this. It is never too soon or too late to modify your strategies to achieve the greatest amount of success. Consider the fact that financial advisors always emphasize the importance of starting to save for retirement at the earliest age possible. We all know that if you start saving in your twenties, you will increase the chances of achieving financial security during your retirement years. But, even if you never thought about saving for retirement until you were fifty-five or sixty-five, it is not as if the advisor will say, “Sorry, too late, there is nothing I can do for you.” More likely, the advisor will work with you so that you can make … Continue reading

A Dog, Cinderella, and Your Job Search

Have you heard the joke about the dog that walked down the street and saw this sign in the office window: HELP WANTED  MUST TYPE 70 WORDS A MINUTE MUST BE COMPUTER LITERATE MUST BE BILINGUAL EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER The dog applies for the position, but is quickly refused. “I can’t hire a dog,” says the office manager. The dog points to the line “equal opportunity employer.” The office manager sighs and asks if the dog can type. The dog walks over to a typewriter and flawlessly bangs out a letter. “Can you operate a computer?” asks the manager. The dog sits down at a terminal, writes a program and runs it perfectly. “Look, you have fine skills, but I still can’t hire a dog,” says the exasperated office manager. “I need someone who’s bilingual. It says so right in the ad.” The dog looks up at the manager and … Continue reading

Attention Job Seekers: Gray Hair is Just Gray Hair

Some positive news for older job seekers:  some of the most common job-search challenges you are facing have nothing to do with your actual age, but have to do with what your age represents. What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example: I had a childhood friend who turned gray prematurely. By the time we were juniors in high school, she had a full head of gray hair. She often talked about the time, money, and effort it took to regularly color her gray locks, until at one point she just decided to forgo those efforts. The bright side, she joked, was that she no longer had to fear the sight of a few gray strands. Sure, from time to time, someone would make a comment, but most of the time her gray locks were a non-issue and never interfered with anything she tried to do. … Continue reading

“Stranger Danger” & Your Job Search

From an early age we are taught not to talk to strangers. For that reason, by the time we’re adults many of us tend to avoid engaging strangers in conversation, even for just five minutes. This mindset likely infiltrates a number of components of our daily lives. We may first reach out to a babysitter we have known for years before we try out a new babysitter, even if the prospective new hire comes highly recommended. We may drive a bit out of our way to a gift store where we know the salesperson, even if we know there is another similar store in town. The fact is, it’s human nature to gravitate to people we know and to help those who help us. This is precisely what happens in the workplace. You work alongside your colleagues eight hours a day, five days a week. Why would you want to … Continue reading