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Retirement Derailers

Thanks to Kiplinger’s for including me in such a great article about retirement derailers. If you lose your job and feel like your age may be preventing you from finding a new one,  as I explain in my book, Over the Hill But Not the Cliff,  there are a number of strategies you can use to push past ageism and get that coveted offer. 3 Scenarios That Could Derail Your Retirement By Eileen Ambrose, Senior Editor and Kimberly Lankford, Contributing Editor | February 1, 2018 From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Even the best-laid plans for retirement can suddenly go awry if a major life event strikes. For example, a sudden job loss, a marital break-up or becoming a caregiver for an ailing parent or spouse can wreak havoc on finances – potentially for years. But even if you’re hit with one of these life events, you can get your retirement back … Continue reading

How are your sandwiches?

There is a classic Peanuts comic strip that shows Charlie Brown opening his lunch on a few consecutive days and dreading what he finds. Finally, Lucy asks Charlie Brown who makes his sandwiches. He says that he does! Many of us continue to go to work day after day, fully aware that we can do better but not doing whatever it takes to change our destinies. How are your sandwiches? If you have read this far, the answer is probably not so great. Isn’t it time to make a new one? I speak and write extensively about the modern workplace, and I have and continue to represent both employers and employees. And, when I provide guidance it is not about picking sides, or convincing you that employers are bad and employees are good. Instead, it is about providing you with a guide to the modern workplace—the loyalty-free workplace—so that you can … Continue reading

159,544 likes and 11,575 comments? Seriously?

Last week Oleg Vishnepolsky, the Global CTO at DailyMail Online & Metro.Co.Uk, posted a LinkedIn comment saying that he once hired (gasp!) a person over 50 years of age. Oleg went on to write about the resistance he had to overcome when making this decision, being on the receiving ends of comments such as 1) the candidate will never work hard enough; 2) the candidate will not fit in our culture; 3) the candidate is overqualified etc.  Turns out, Oleg writes, the candidate ended up being one of the best hires he ever made. The content of this post did not surprise me but what did was that, within just a short period of time, 159,544 people liked the post and 11,575 people took the time to post a comment. There were some comments that recognized the skills of 50+ workers—perhaps these individuals do not have any hiring authority. However, there were … Continue reading

Love Your Life, Do Your Job

Over the past few months I have spoken to a number of recent graduates about their future career plans and many of them tell me they cannot wait to forge ahead, discover their passions and follow their dreams. This is an admirable goal, for sure, but unfortunately, what I have found is that following that advice can be a hindrance to your ability to find a job in the loyalty-free workplace. Now before you start to tell me I am wrong, let me make an important
 distinction: A job is an incredibly
powerful tool that can help us realize our dreams. Our jobs allow us to 
make money, which we can use to 
follow our passions, pursue our dreams, and celebrate the things we love. In other words, our jobs and our dreams are not one and the same—and yet, far too often, we ignore this reality and try to combine … Continue reading

Free Guide to the FMLA

I wrote a short guide to highlight the rights of both employers and employees under the FMLA and, for a limited time, I am making it availability for free.   So if you are handling an FMLA matter or just want a quick reminder of what it provides, click here to access it through Amazon. http://amzn.to/2eL4BUs … Continue reading

Yes, Cover Letters Are Truly Necessary!

Are Cover Letters Necessary? 5 Reasons Career Experts Think They’re Vital Brooke Cagle/Unsplash SHARE ByKRISTINE FELLIZAR 18 hours ago For the third year in a row, Bustle’s Upstart Awards are honoring young women who are doing incredible things in the realms of business, STEM, fashion and beauty, the arts, philanthropy, and beyond. Want to be an Upstarts honoree one day? Read on for career tips, insights, and inspiration to help get you there. I can’t be the only one who feels like cover letters are the worst. Resumes are no big deal. You can pretty much keep the format, change a few keywords to fit the specific position you’re applying for, and you’re good to go. Cover letters, on the other hand, take a little more time, energy, and effort to put together the perfect words that will make the right impression to all the right people. But are cover … Continue reading

Peek-A- Boo: Time to Abandon the Traditional Job Boards and Tackle the Hidden Job Market

Looking for a new approach to your job search? It might be time to tackle the hidden job market, which is a wealth of opportunities that are not yet advertised, as well as jobs that applicants proactively create where none currently exist. This source of opportunities has the potential to virtually eliminate some of the obstacles you might ordinarily face and have to expend precious resources to overcome. In the hidden market, there are no gatekeepers to bypass because you will have eliminated the gates. The way you break down these barriers to entry is by placing your resume directly into the hands of the decision makers that you have determined will be most likely to make you a job offer. One significant benefit of the hidden job market is that not only will applicants get to the hiring manager well in advance of the competition, in many situations there … Continue reading

Newsflash to Job Seekers: Your Job Search is Not About You What is the most importance piece of advice I give to job seekers? Your job search is not about you! Many of us grew up thinking that the world would bend to our needs and desires. We were raised with the expectation that work equaled self-actualization, meaning our jobs should provide us psychological, emotional, and material satisfaction in addition to a steady paycheck. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but in today’s loyalty-free workplace there isn’t time for that. Consider this: Jared worked at the same company for twenty-four years. He’s never missed a day of work, nor has he ever reported late to his 9:00am shift. Coworkers are therefore concerned when Jared is not at his designated seat for the regularly scheduledTuesday morning 9:30 staff meeting. Six minutes after the meeting starts, Jared stumbles into the meeting room, visibly shaken. … Continue reading

Forbes Interview with Lori Rassas

Employment Advice by Lori Rassas

Forbes.com featured an interview I gave to discuss my newest book Over the Hill But Not the Cliff: 5 Strategies for 50+ Job Seekers to Push Past Ageism & Find a Job in the Loyalty-Free Workplace! Read the interview on Forbes.com here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2017/05/01/how-to-get-a-job-if-youre-over-50/#1277c259497e … Continue reading

Challenging Times at Work? Forget About Whether The Glass Is Half Empty Or Half Full & Focus On What You Can Do With The Water

As you navigate the modern workplace, you must always focus on your main goal: earning and growing your perpetual paycheck. This will not always be easy, since today’s work environment is objectively difficult and no one is immune from its hardships and heartaches. Every day I hear about employees facing challenging times. You may have been passed over for a promotion, or not received a job offer after a few rounds of interviews. Perhaps you were laid off through no fault of your own, were terminated for behavior you now regret, or find it challenging to regain your position after taking a leave of absence to tend to a personal matter. The good new is that regardless of your situation, more often than not, even the most difficult situations can become the launching pad for different types of successes. The business world is filled with examples of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who … Continue reading